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My grandmother recently left me her entire collection of picture books and children's literature. The entire collection is comprised of over 300 books. I am attempting to read as many as possible in 2014.

A Hawai'i Japanese New Year with Yuki-chan

A Hawaii Japanese New Year With Yuki-chan - Tokie Ching

written by Tokie Chang, illustrated by Kerina Salazar


This is a good book for introducing kids to Japanese new year traditions.* I was disappointed that Hawai'i wasn't emphasized more. It's in the title, so it seemed like there might be some Hawaiian influence on Yuki's new year celebration. However, the story is still good.


*There is one thing wrong in that as far as I know kobu (こぶ) on it's own doesn't mean happiness, but yorokobu (よろこぶ) does.