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Ama's Picture Books

My grandmother recently left me her entire collection of picture books and children's literature. The entire collection is comprised of over 300 books. I am attempting to read as many as possible in 2014.

Emma's Rug

Emma's Rug - Allen Say

by Allen Say


The first time Ama read Tree of Cranes by Allen Say, she told me she didn't like it very much. I thought she was being ridiculous since that is my absolute favorite Allen Say story.


I was visiting her one afternoon and she gave me Emma's Rug to read. I felt the way she must have when she first read Tree of Cranes.


Later she told me she reread Tree of Cranes and she liked it much better the second time.


That's how I feel about Emma's Rug. The first time I read it, I didn't quite understand the connection between the rug and creativity. Say's message was clearer upon rereading, and I enjoyed the book much more.